Berlin, Germany (pt. 1) 🇩🇪🍃

Berlin is one of my favorite vegan destinations in the world. Germany always goes above and beyond to accommodate plant-based vibes. From a full vegan supermarket (Veganz) to the Big Vegan at McDonald's, this place warms my precious, little vegan heart. This was my second trip to Berlin, and I always stay at the Heart of Gold hostel for price and location. While there's plenty to see in Berlin, I only came for the food and local culture on this trip.

Travel tip: Free wifi and metro train available for both airports in Berlin. There are day passes available for the public transit, and I always recommend having cash (euros) available. Most of the tourists sites are within walking distance in the city or a ride away on the metro.

Berliner Dom cathedral in Berlin, Germany

Fortunately, during this trip there was Veganes Sommerfest, which is one of Europe's largest vegan festivals. I met up with my local vegan family (@blackveganactivist) and we all went down to grub out. The festival had tons of restaurants and brands serving up food and samples, including vegan brews and free ice cream bars. We stopped at an African food truck serving up a traditional dish, curry tapalapa. I've never had authentic African food, so I was excited to indulge in all this plant-based deliciousness.

Curry tapalapa at Veganes Summerfest in Berlin
Free ice cream bars at Veganes Summerfest in Berlin

After stuffing ourselves full on free samples and walking aimlessly through vegan heaven on earth, we took a cruise around the city to explore the vibes. On my first trip here, it was all about tourism and seeing war memorials. Now, I wanted the real authentic experience of Berlin which led us to the YAAM Gallery. YAAM, Young African Art Market, is one of many things: venue, beach club, shopping, full bars, art gallery and the ultimate hang. I was blessed to treat myself to more African goodness; including DjuDju beer and Ghanaian vegan food.

African DjuDju beer at YAAM Gallery in Berlin
Vegan Ghanaian food at YAAM Gallery in Berlin

I came for a JMSN concert, but left with a full African vegan experience in Berlin (who knew?). This city never ceases to amaze me, and I can't wait to come back to explore more facets of the city. This was only a portion of my trip to Berlin, so stay tuned for more vegan food and tips for your next trip here.

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