Liverpool, UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐ŸŒฟ

Liverpool was the first city I visited outside of London in the United Kingdom. Upon arrival, I learned that Liverpool is the home of the Beatles; so if you're a fan, this is the holy grail. This trip was only a quick stop between Ireland and Poland, and I stayed at Hatters Hostel for ยฃ10 ($13 per night). It's a renovated church located within walking distances to pubs, shopping and plenty of vegan options.

Travel tip: There is city bus with free wifi from the airport that takes you to the city center. If you need cash, there are free withdrawals from most ATMs in the city. Feel free to use public transportation, but most places are within walking distance. Don't forget to pack a rain jacket or umbrella for the occasional rain showers.

Locals say that Liverpool is known for their nightlife, so I had to get out and experience it for myself. In one night, I encountered racism at a bar and purchased a beer during a robbery; and I didn't even get any food because everything was closed. Within a few hours, I realized Liverpool nightlife wasn't my cup of tea.

The next morning, my first priority was food so I headed to Bundobust. Located in a central shopping area, Bundobust serves original Indian street food and craft brews. Most of the dishes are small yet filling and flavorful. The concept is to order 2-3 selections for yourself or to share. I ordered the bhel puri and raghda pethis, both highly recommended.

bhel puri and raghda pethis from Bundobust in Liverpool

While they look small, I couldn't even finish it all and I was starving. After lunch, I walked out the door and in the direction of all the foot traffic. Liverpool is a vibrant city with talented street performers and tons of alley pubs with live music, which is the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon of aimless walking. As you walk toward the docks on the water, you can see the famous statues of the Beatles, the Museum of Liverpool, and ride ferries that can take you as far as Ireland.

There's plenty of randomness around the city to see; even a cat cafe, where you hang out with kittens to help relieve your stress and anxiety. After exhausting myself walking around the most interesting city, I headed to get this special donut burger at Frost Burgers. It's a plant-based burger joint serving donuts and ice cream. They posted a secret menu to their social media, so I showed up to try the special for the day: Candy burger. A BBQ double cheeseburger with vegan bacon and grilled onions on a glazed donut. This burger was surprisingly delicious, but it'll be the last donut burger for me.

Candy burger at Frost Burger in Liverpool
BBQ double cheeseburger on a donut at Frost Burger

I never thought I would take a trip to Liverpool, or even say that I enjoyed my stay. However, I'm glad I turned this layover into a short trip to this city by the sea. If you're ever in the area, stop through to check out the unique character of the home of the Beatles; you'll either like it or love it, no time for hate.

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